The Sixties Begin

Tommy Steele had released the tragic Little White Bull.  Everything now depended on Del Shannon.

In 1962 on a Tuesday evening on ITV the Beatles appeared on Five O’Clock Club, introduced by Wally Whyton, and sang Love Me Do.

In the January of the long bad winter of 1963 I began keeping a diary.  I was 12, I was still going to Guides and Sunday School, but I listened to Pick of the Pops on Sundays, on the Light Programme.

On 7 January my best friend Sandra and I went to see Kid Galahad starring Elvis Presley.   When I went back to school after the Christmas Holiday on 9 January, two of my friends Sue and Penny were wearing stockings for the first time.  Sue, I noted in my diary, was wearing Incatan and Penny wore Bronze.

On 18 January my sister Judith went to London to see West Side Story, and Hugh Gaitskell, the leader of the Labour Party, died after being ill for 15 days.  On 27 January Little Town Flirt was at number 12.

The winter was dragging on.  Piles of dirty sludgy snow lined the roads.

By May the Beatles were number 1, Gerry and the Pacemakers number 2 and Del was at number 9.

Then Sandra bought ‘He’s So Fine,’ by the Chiffons, and our relationship with those great American girl groups began.