Going to a Go Go

The first thirty seconds of this video are wonderful.  It looks as if it’s a party in someone’s living-room, with a juke-box… apparently for posh people – notice the bow ties – but taken over for a few seconds by the mods in the room.

This didn’t ever happen at the Corn Exchange in Chelmsford, but I remember something like this in 1965 when the girls’ High School had a dance.  The boys from the Grammar School came and as the first notes of a good record like this started, the mods among them moved onto the floor in a group, followed by the High School girl mods, and they danced – the Block or the Bang – a mod dance.

One thought on “Going to a Go Go

  1. Sue Katz 20/01/2014 / 22:52

    One of the odd things is how the music from the USA and the UK crossed the ocean in both directions and was crucial to youth culture in both places, but not a hint of the Mods subculture made it over to the States.

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