Seeing the Yardbirds

On 18 April 1965 – Easter Sunday – the Yardbirds were number 4 in the charts with their single ‘For Your Love’.  The following Saturday they were coming to play at the Corn Exchange in Chelmsford.

This is how good it was to be in Chelmsford.

We talked about it all that week.  We planned our outfits – I went to Oxford Street with my mum and bought a dress in C&A – it was  cream with long sleeves and a hipster belt.  I would look gorgeous.  On the Friday I bought our tickets – Sandra couldn’t buy them because she was at work.  They were 8s 6d each.  That was expensive but everyone knew it would be a great night.  It was all going so well.

And then at some point between standing at the ticket office in the Corn Exchange on the Friday afternoon handing over the remains of my saved up pocket money,  and tea-time the next day, the Big Day, I committed a social offence.  Exactly what that was is not clear from my diary, but it may have had something to do with going to see ‘Girl Happy’ starring Elvis Presley on the Friday evening.  The upshot was that my mum would not let me go out on Saturday.  I had to stay in.  I had watch TV.  Sandra went with the ticket I had bought her.  Her mission was to try and get my money back by getting a refund or reselling the ticket to a desperate Yardbirds fan, but that didn’t happen.  Later she tried to hide what a good time she had had.

And I have always wondered, was it like this?


2 thoughts on “Seeing the Yardbirds

  1. Sue Katz 22/01/2014 / 17:14

    Heartbreaking. Why was the Presley flick such a serious offencs? His hips?

  2. elizabethwoodcraft 22/01/2014 / 18:50

    I think it was the person I went with. Someone I had only met that afternoon. I’m not sure there was much hip action at all.

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