We shall not be moved

On Easter Monday 1965 Sandra and I took the coach with the other members of Chelmsford CND, to join the final stage of the Aldermaston march in London, to ban-the-bomb.  For some reason we started marching with the French and Spanish contingents.  We ate our sandwiches in Hyde Park, before moving on to Trafalgar Square for the rally and the speakers.  This was my third Aldermaston march and the slogans had changed.  Now it was as much about Vietnam as about the H-bomb.  We shouted, ‘Yankee agressors’ ‘OUT!’ ‘US in Vietnam’ ‘OUT!’ ‘Polaris’ OUT OUT OUT!’  ‘1,2,3,4 – we don’t want war, 5,6,7,8, we say negotiate.’  We sang ‘Och och, there’s a monster in the loch,’ and we sang ‘We shall not be moved.’  Everyone knew Pete Seeger.

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