A snapshot of life in Chelmsford in February 1964.

In my diary, at the top of the page for 15 February 1964 I wrote, ‘Nadine – Chuck Berry FAB!’  Later, on March 16 I noted that ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ and ‘There’s a Place’ by the Beatles were the greatest, after ‘Nadine.’

Sandra bought ‘Anyone who had a heart,’ by Cilla Black – number 8 in the charts on 16 February, number 1 the following week.   I don’t think we were aware of Dionne Warwick’s version.  But, in any event, in our house, we didn’t have a record player.

And two jokes that were going the rounds (also written in small neat capitals, at the top of the pages of my diary) –

Why is an elephant grey?  To distinguish it from a raspberry which is red.

Why does an elephant wear dark glasses?  To disguise itself.

This is the sort of joke we liked in Chelmsford.


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