Spaghetti Straps

Was it this song, Soulful Dress by Sugar Pie Desanto, that told me there was a world outside of the Woodhall Estate?  What could spaghetti straps mean to someone who only ever ate spaghetti out of a tin on toast?  You wouldn’t, you couldn’t surely have that spaghetti holding up your dress.  That spaghetti was about two inches long and covered in tomato ketchup-like sauce.  With the voice that she had and the sound that she made, Sugar Pie Desanto clearly knew what the world was about, there had to be more to spaghetti than Heinz.

On Sunday August 9 1964 in my diary I described a tiring daying, playing tennis in the street, sunbathing and watching TV.  Then I wrote ‘Cyprus doesn’t care if she causes a third World War.’  Out of nowhere I was talking about politics in my diary.  The claim to Northern Turkey by the Turkish Cypriots was bringing  Cyprus to the brink of war, Turkey was threatening to invade.  I don’t think I mentioned it again.  In fact, the next day, when the UN brokered a peace deal, my main concern was that my best friend, Sandra, was starting work at Hoffman’s, the ball bearing factory in town, while I was still at school.

And on August 11th at the top of the page in my diary I wrote ‘ “Soulful dress” Sugar Pie Desanto(?)’.  The Cyprus crisis had been, temporarily at least, averted, and good music was being played on the radio.

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