The Crying Game

In August 1964 we went on holiday to Aberystwyth.  Everywhere we went I was looking out for mods, although unfortunately young people in Aberystwyth were predominantly rockers.  When I saw a blue and white TV 175 scooter I noted it in my diary.  My sister and I spent a lot of time on the pier and we went to a dance at King’s Hall where a group called the Wolves played.  My response, spelled out in my diary, was Ugh.  But someone there was wearing a ‘gorgeous … brown leather’, and we had the exquisite pleasure of meeting a girl called Gwen, a mod from Tottenham.  Tottenham, what could be cooler?

We went to see ‘the Moonspinners’ with Hayley Mills and Peter McEnery in a tiny little cinema, called the Coliseum.  I was reading, ‘How Green was my Valley’, and ‘Have I the Right’, by the Honeycombs was shooting up the charts.

But the song that I liked that holiday was the Crying Game.  Dave Berry was quite intriguing with his black leather outfit and the microphone sliding all over his body.

This interview is quite interesting.  He talks about the influence of Gene Vincent, his love of the blues, about his act, how it developed, and how he wanted to appear not to appear.

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