There was something about records in the 60s which was raw and almost amateurish, a sort of echo, a grating of the guitar strings, a bit of shouting.  But it meant that the music hit you in the stomach – listen to early Beatles tracks, Bruce Chanel, the Ronettes.  I don’t think this is the best version of Gloria by Them, but it sounds as if they’re playing in their dad’s garage, and it’s as exciting as being there, like listening to the local groups that used to play at the YMCA on a Saturday night.

I also like the worried looks on faces of the older people in the audience as if they have arrived there by mistake or they had to be there because they were the mayor and it was a question of civic pride or simply that they were someone’s mum who had heard the band practising in the garage but really thought they would have improved by the time of the concert.

The record was on the juke box in the Orpheus, and there probably isn’t anyone over 60 in Chelmsford who can’t spell Gloria.

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