That music quiz.  Did you get all the answers?  Some did, some didn’t.  Someone thought that Charlie Watts was in the Beach Boys and that there were 5 Beatles – but she was young and I forgive her.   Many people thought Van Morrison was in the Spencer Davis Group.  Who knows? perhaps there was a night at Ronnie Scott’s when that magic happened.  We just didn’t get to hear about it in Chelmsford.

So in a very particular order here are the answers

1. The Supremes, Roy Orbison, Lulu

2. Them

3. 5,3,4

4. Eric Burdon

5. My Generation, I wanna hold your hand, Walk on By.

6. Love Me Do

7. The Rolling Stones

8. Detroit

9. BBC 1

10. Friday (the weekend really did start there).

And if you missed the quiz – there are the answers, what were the questions?

No prizes, but listen to the Animals and notice the young Alan Price.




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