With It

‘With it’ chicks wore Courtelle, according to this clip.

Tricel, orlon, Bri-nylon – fabrics we wouldn’t have in the house now! Of course, I wasn’t sensitive to what washing for a family had meant before washing machines became accessible.  Dripping sheets and shirts, every Monday, dragging them out to the washing-line, heaving them up with the prop, indoors if wet.

mum washing (1)

By the 60s we had a spin dryer, although best friend Sandra’s mum, across the road, had a twin tub.  But even so, easy-care fabrics must have seemed like a gift from above.  Drip-dry, easy care, little ironing, music to the ears of the person responsible for laundry.

Fashion show ModsBut look how fashionable I was in 1965. This photo (from the left Linda G, Corinne H and I), was taken at school, on the day of a fashion show.

the white dressMarvel at the shape of my dress – bought from C&A in Oxford Street, the sleeves, the belt (the black stripe my own, iron-on, addition).  Even my hair.  My only regret is that I didn’t have access to the hair products that Cathy McGowan did.  I still envy that loose, easy shine.  Corinne had it.  Possibly because she brought Ryvita with Marmite to school for break.  Marmite for shine.

And the Hollies were in the charts.

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