I was never a great fan of Cilla, not least because she was so close to the Beatles, which didn’t seem fair.  So I was surprised how shocked I was to hear of her death.  When they listed her hits I realised I knew the words to every song.  When I thought about it, I remembered that she was everywhere – on the radio, TV, on juke-boxes.  And I recalled how we followed her every move, the length of her skirts – short, shorter, the colour of her wedding ring – rose-gold, her empire line dresses, her hair styles – short, smooth, her teeth – uneven, ordinary.

I was reminded of one song that doesn’t seem to have been mentioned much or at all, by a re-tweet from @stanyanfan.  It was one of my favourites.  I’ve Been Wrong Before came out in 1965 when I was falling in and out of love fairly frequently and disastrously – and it spoke to me.