Talking About My Generation

A great website – Female First – asked me to talk about my new book The Girls from Greenway. The book covers the early Sixties – when people were enjoying the security of the National Health Service and other social welfare reforms put in place after WWII. Everything seemed possible.  But people were also dreaming of an even brighter future – going to Australia as a ten-pound pom, or winning the pools – filling in their coupons every week and watching Grandstand to see if their life was going to change for ever.

Angie and Doreen are sisters, living on the Greenway Estate in Essex. They have hopes and dreams but unfortunately fall in love with the same man  in the meantime they listen to some cool music. like Dave Brubeck playing Take 5.

And I’ve been talking about my generation to Sadie Nine on BBC Essex. We talked about The Girls from Greenway but also a bit about my later life! You can listen to it here. I come on about 2 hours 20 minutes in. It was a great morning.

A couple of years ago when Sadie Nine did the Breakfast Show I used to go and do newspaper reviews – stumbling in to the studio at 6.15 in the morning. Sometimes the papers didn’t come in till the very last minute – but hey! If you come from Essex, nothing phases you!



3 thoughts on “Talking About My Generation

  1. caryle webb-ingall 14/11/2019 / 13:58

    Hi Im teaching a course at Morley College ‘london in the 1960s’; my students are in their late 50s- early 70s and have found your blog interesting and relevant – but now we’ve looked at clubs like the Flamingo and The Marquee the group are asking what about the suburbs? I will of course signpost your books but if you can add anything like anecdotes and so on that would be great. My blog ‘swimming through my seventies’ is kind of ‘what we did next!’

    • elizabeth woodcraft 14/11/2019 / 14:25

      I think there were other venues that people went to, Southend, Romford, Streatham, and the boys would disappear on their scooters at the end of an evening at the Corn Exchange. But on the whole I was too young (so my mum said) to leave Chelmsford on a Saturday night so while I can tell you great romantic yarns about dancing at the Corn Exchange, my knowledge of other places of the calibre of the Flamingo and the Marquis is limited. But I could come and talk about those cool days if you’d like. I do a mean PowerPoint!

      • caryle webb-ingall 31/03/2020 / 12:20

        Hi Elizabeth – weirdly I came across your comment today – thanks for reading my blog which I’ve refocussed as my life has changed. I may repeat my Sixites course at another college if ever life gets back to ‘normal’ so I’ll bear your kind offer in mind. What a strange world we are living in.. hope you are keeping safe.

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