The Saturday Girls

The Saturday Girlsout now!

It is the Sixties, a time of mods and rockers, the music of Motown, Milk Bars and Ban-the Bomb marches.  Best friends since childhood, Linda and Sandra live on a working class housing estate in Essex. They wear the suede coat uniform of the mods.  As the boys roar off to Clacton on their Vespa scooters, Sandra and Linda order frothy coffee in the Orpheus. With the sound of Tommy Tucker, Booker T and Chris Montez humming from the jukebox, they plan a future away from Chelmsford, but already their paths are diverging. Sandra yearns for Danny as he languishes in jail, Linda hesitantly dreams of working in a foreign land.  But Linda meets Sylvie, the exotic, scarlet woman who lives on the estate, who has a baby but no husband, who has lived in Paris but has no passport, who reads books but has no bookcase. Who is the baby’s father? What is Sylvie afraid of?

A passionate, honest and important story of female friendship and the search for love and adventure at a time of political and social change.

Out now – published by Bonnier Zaffre