New!! The Christmas Kiss

The Christmas Kiss by Elizabeth Woodcraft – a new short story to download for Christmas.

On Christmas Eve anything is possible. Everyone is dressed in their best. Everyone is looking for a Christmas kiss. It is 1965 and in Chelmsford, friends Linda and Sandra are out on the town. When Charlie climbs out of his car and escorts Linda in to the dance it seems that her Christmas wish has come true. Linda and Charlie have a secret past. But will he remember and will there be a Christmas kiss?

A sweet short story to make your Christmas brighter.

Available to download here. Price 99p. It is also available to send to friends. An on-line Christmas gift – what could be easier?

Also available, Christmas at Schmidt’s

It’s 1962. Marie is going to London for some last minute Christmas shopping. At the railway station she bumps into old flame, Johnny. They are going the same way. On the train ride Marie starts remembering the good times with Johnny and she agrees to meet him for lunch at Schmidt’s, the German restaurant in Charlotte Street. But things have changed since she last saw him. Now Marie has a fiancĂ©. But she also has a Christmas wish. Will it come true?