All or Nothing

I was always slightly worried by the Small Faces because they seemed almost too mod, but if you watch this clip, you’ll see they were simply Classic.  They could go into Chelmsford today in those clothes and we’d all think they were cool.

And I want to say a word or two about the PVC mac.  Never came in, never went out.

Every Little Bit Hurts

Brenda Holloway – what a voice, what a song.

And Brenda Holloway is coming to Britain.  Modstock takes place in London next week, celebrating 50 years of mods.  Brenda Holloway and the Velvelettes are on the bill.  What a treat.

Modstock was one of the subjects on the Robert Elms programme on Radio London 94.9 yesterday (8 April 2014), where there was a discussion on all things Mod.  Full of the confidence that can only come from having just made a Betty Crocker cake, I rang in.  It was a 3 hour show – if you want to jump to the part that could possibly, on another planet, be called ‘the best bit’ jump to 1 hour 49 minutes in, and hear me talk about my beloved pinstriped fan-pleated skirt, the Corn Exchange, the Milk Bar and the wonder of Horlicks.