Chairman of the Board

The Showmen were a New Orleans group formed in 1961 with General Norman Johnson as lead singer.  Their best known track is It Will Stand, which was released in 1961, and re-released in 1964.   In 1968General Johnson left the band to become the lead singer of Chairmen of the Board.

So two good musical things have happened this week.  First of all Bill Greensmith from St Louis sent me a 45 of It Will Stand.  I love it.

And then on 1 January 2015 Bill was on his local radio station Radio KDHX on the Blursday programme, playing some of his favourite tracks, a lot of piano.  I didn’t know about Albert Ammons – a great piano player.  I once knew someone who had a dream that one day he would be pushed onto a stage with an enormous guitar and with his back to the audience he would start to play like Elmore James.  My own personal reverie revolves around waking up one morning, strolling over to the piano (which in my case I have not got) and turning out some wild boogie woogie rhythms.   Just like Albert Ammons.  Listen to his tunes and the other musical gems here – but hurry, you only have a few more days to catch the show.